View that selects versions that built a particular program

The following config spec defines a view that selects only enough files that are required to rebuild a particular program or examine its sources:

element * –config /vobs/monet/src/monet

All elements that were not involved in the build of monet appear in the output of HCL VersionVault ls with a [no version selected] annotation.

This config spec selects the versions listed in the config record (CR) of a particular derived object (and in the config records of all its build dependencies). It can be a derived object that was built in the current view, or another view, or it can be a DO version.

In this config spec, monet is a derived object in the current view. You can reference a derived object in another view with an extended path that includes a DO-ID in the following format:

element * –config /vobs/monet/src/monet@@09-Feb.13:56.812

But typically, this kind of config spec is used to configure a view from a derived object that has been checked in as a DO version.