Hardware, software, file system, and compatibility information

Review the requirements information to identify operating system, file system, and compatibility requirements, prerequisite tasks, and other information required to install HCL VersionVault.

IBM Installation Manager requirement
  • IBM Installation Manager, version 1.8.6 or later fix packs, or version 1.9.1 or later fix packs. For more information, see Installation Manager. See the system requirements for VersionVault for the most up-to-date requirements.
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) requirement
  • For the HCL VersionVault installation, you must have a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) compatible with Java 8 installed before you install VersionVault. During the installation of VersionVault, you must set the path to the java executable in your JRE installation if you plan to use any of the Java-based components for the product. See the list of Java-based components on the installation panel. VersionVault does not ship with its own JRE, but instead uses a JRE that is already installed on your system. If you do not have a JRE already, you can obtain one from Adoptium at https://adoptium.net.
    Tip: For the initial installation of a JRE, install it in a folder of your choice with a folder name that does not identify the version number for the Java. As an example, use a folder name like "jre" instead of "jre_v8.0." Later, when you want to install a new updated Java (as an example, jre_v8.5), install the updated Java into the same file system location as the initial Java. Then no reconfiguration of VersionVault will be needed because of a new JRE. For more information, see Reconfiguring VersionVault to use a different JRE.
    Important: For HCL VersionVault on Windows, you must unpack the JRE locally. Running the JRE from a network location is not supported. During the installation process for HCL VersionVault, you must enter the path to your JRE.

For more information about system requirements, see the HCL VersionVault system requirements information provided with the product and the installation information in this help documentation.