File system requirements for ACL-enabled VOBs

Verify that the file systems for VOB storage pools support Access Control List (ACL) authorization at the file system-level. This support is required to assign multiple groups and users to element ACLs. Depending on the operating system, you might need to perform one or more steps to enable file system ACL authorization.

The following table lists the requirements to support ACL authorization of VersionVault VOB objects by operating system and VOB storage location. Only the operating system and VOB storage location configurations included in this list are supported.

Table 1. ACL authorization of VOB objects - Operating and file system configuration requirements

Lists the supported operating systems, VOB locations, and configuration requirements to enable ACLs authorization of VOB objects for HCL VersionVault

Operating system and VOB location Configuration requirements
Locally-stored VOBs
Windows Supported on NTFS. No system configuration is required.
Solaris Supports the following file systems: UNIX (UFS), Z (ZFS), and Veritas file system (VxFS). No system configuration is required.
Linux ACLs support must be enabled for these file systems: ext3, ext4, or reiserfs. Also, the file system must be mounted with the acl option. See the Linux documentation for your distribution for information. In some cases, ACLs support might be enabled by default.
VOBs stored on network filer
Windows, Linux, and UNIX For configuration requirements, see Using a network filer for ACL-enabled VOB storage.