SQL scripts by data source

Use separate SQL scripts to create views or materialized views for each data source.

The following table provides information about the scripts that you must generate for each data source, the resulting script name, and the scripts that must be run against the Unica application database for creating views or materialized views:
  • The table lists the default names for the data sources and generated scripts. Your names may be different.
  • The Unica Interact reporting schemas reference more than one data source. Generate a separate SQL script for each data source.
Table 1. SQL scripts by data source

This three-columned table provides information about the reporting schema in one column, data source (default names) in the second column, and the script name (default names).

Reporting schema Data source and default name Default script name
All Unica Campaign reporting schemas Unica Campaign system tables


Campaign.sql, unless you generated separate scripts for each reporting schema. If you did, each script is named after the individual schema.
Unica Deliver Mailing Performance Unica Deliver tracking tables, which are with the Unica Campaign system tables


Deliver_Mailing_ Performance.sql
Unica Interact Deployment History, Unica Interact Performance, and Unica Interact Views Unica Interact design time database


Unica Interact Learning Unica Interact Learning tables


Unica Interact Run Time Unica Interact run time database