For Unica Interact only: Creating views or materialized views

You can use SQL scripts to create views or materialized views for Interact. The reports application uses views or materialized views to extract reportable data.

Before you begin

Before you create views or materialized views for Interact, verify that the language setting for the computer from where you run the lookup_create SQL script is enabled for UTF-8 encoding. See For Unica Interact only: Changing language setting in Oracle and DB2.

About this task

To create views or materialized views for Unica Interact, complete the following steps.


  1. Locate the SQL scripts that you generated and saved previously.
  2. Use the database administration tools to run the appropriate script against the appropriate application database(s) for the report package that you are configuring.
    Note: When you run a script that creates materialized views on a DB2® database, you might see the following error:

    SQL20059W The materialized query table-name may not be used to optimize the processing of queries.

    However, the materialized view is successfully created.

  3. In the tools subdirectory in the reports package installation directory, find the lookup_create SQL script for your database type.
    For example, the script for SQL is named uari_lookup_create_MSSQL.sql.
  4. Run the lookup_create SQL script on the Unica Interact design time database. Ensure that the database tool that you use commits the changes. For example, you might need to set the auto-commit option of the database to true.
  5. Browse to the <Interact_ReportPack_Installer_Home>\cognos11\interact-ddl\<DB Type>\ folder.
  6. For DB2®, set the db2set DB2_COMPATIBILITY_VECTOR=ORA parameter.
  7. Run the acir_tables_<DB Type>.sql script on the ETL database.

What to do next

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