Importing the reports folder in Cognos® Connection

The Unica application reports are in the compressed (.zip) file that the report package installer copied to the Cognos® computer. You must import the compressed file into Cognos® Connection.

About this task

To import the compressed file that contains reports to Cognos® Connection, complete the following steps.


  1. Browse to the Cognosnn directory under your report package installation on the Cognos® computer, where nn indicates the version number.
  2. Copy the compressed reports archive file (for example Unica Reports for to the directory where your Cognos® deployment archives are saved. In a distributed IBM® Cognos® environment, this is a location on the system running the Content Manager.

    The default location is the deployment directory under your Cognos® installation. The default location is specified in the Cognos® Configuration tool that is installed with the Cognos® Content Manager. For example: cognos\deployment.

  3. Locate the Cognosnn\ProductNameModel subdirectory under your report package installation on the Cognos® computer.
  4. Copy the entire subdirectory to any place on the system that runs Cognos® Framework Manager and to which Framework Manager has access.
  5. Open Cognos® Connection.
  6. From the Welcome page, click Administer Cognos Content.

    If your Welcome page is turned off, turn it back on in the Cognos® Connection user preferences.

  7. Click the Configuration tab.
  8. Select Content Administration.
  9. Click the New Import (This image shows the New Import icon, which is a drum, open box, and star image.) icon on the toolbar.
  10. Follow these guidelines as you step through the New Import Wizard:
    1. Select the reports archive that you copied in the previous procedure.
    2. In the Public folders content list, select all options including the package itself, which is indicated by the blue folder.
    3. If you do not want users to access the package and its entries yet, select Disable after import. Make this selection if you want to test the reports before you make them available to the Unica application users.