New Asset page

When you add an asset, the system displays the New Asset page.

Table 1. Fields on the New Asset page
Field Description
Asset Name Enter a descriptive name for the asset.
Description Enter a short, text description for the asset.
Owner(s) Click Add/Remove Members to use the Select Owners dialog to designate additional asset owners.
Asset Code To manually enter a code for an asset, clear the Auto-generate on save box. Then, type a code for the asset. The code can be any alphanumeric string.

To have Unica Plan automatically create an asset code, leave the Auto-generate on save box checked.

Note: You can configure Unica Plan to generate a code according to an algorithm your administrator specifies.
Keywords Enter comma-separated keywords for the asset. When users search on these keywords, Unica Plan retrieves this asset.
Usage guidelines Enter any guidelines for how you want people to use this asset. For example, if it is a logo, you can tell users where this type of logo should appear.
Expiration date Enter an expiration for the asset or select the arrow in the drop-down list to choose a date from the calendar.

After you enter a date, you can use the arrow icon to incrementally move the date forward or back.

Note: Unica Plan sends a notification to the owners upon expiration, but the status of the asset does not automatically change to expired. At the expiration date, you should archive the asset or change the expiration date.
Version name Enter the version number of the asset. Note the following issues:
  • This field defaults to version 1.0.
  • Each version that you add, by default, increments the version number.
  • To override the default value, enter your own version number.
Files Click Upload to open the Add Asset Files dialog. Check one or more of the check boxes.
  • File: Specify the file for your asset. This field is required.
  • Preview File: You might want users to access the preview file for reasons of security, speed, or convenience. For example, if the source file is an image, you might want to provide a PDF file as the preview so that all users can still view it. recommends that you use a PDF, GIF, or JPEG file as a preview of the asset. This field is optional.
  • Thumbnail File: You can upload a smaller version of the file that users see when they open the asset or when they view their library with the Asset Thumbnails view. This field is optional.

For each box you check, browse to the appropriate file and add it to the Add Asset Files dialog box.

Security considerations

For more information about setting up security to allow some users to view only the preview of an asset, see the Unica Plan Administrator's Guide. If you have security concerns, consider the following options:

  • Adding a watermark to the preview file
  • Providing a low-resolution version
  • Providing another method to protect the file and prevent copying and saving of the file