Asset statuses

You must own an asset to change its status, or have the appropriate permissions.

An asset can have any of the following statuses.

Table 1. Asset statuses
Status Description
Draft Indicates that the asset is in a draft state. All owners can edit the asset. Other users can view it or select it as an attachment.

When you first add an asset, it has a status of Draft.

Locked Indicates that the asset is in a locked state. No one can edit the asset until it is unlocked.

You can lock an asset for a period if you do not want anyone to edit the asset.

Finalized Indicates that the asset is finalized. Everyone with permission to do so can access the asset (and attach it to a business process), but no one can edit it.
Archived Indicates that the asset is no longer available. No one can access the asset nor retrieve it.

If this asset is attached to an object (such as a project or plan), it is still available from that object.