To help you complete different workflow-related efforts, the Workflow tab offers different view modes and an edit mode.

To record and track the tasks that need to be completed during a project, you add information to the project Workflow tab. Project managers add tasks, organize them into stages, and identify dependencies, personnel, and other related information. Project participants update task status and scheduling data, add attachments, and provide approvals.

You can manage tasks that are associated with a project. The Workflow tab provides a spreadsheet on which you can list all tasks. You can assign dates and team members to each task.

When a project manager creates a project, the selected template can provide an initial workflow. The project manager can then use the Workflow tab to customize the workflow that is provided by the template to meet specific needs.

Team members that are assigned to a project use the Workflow tab to track their work. Any team member that is involved in the project (with the appropriate access permission) can edit any value on the Workflow tab.

Note: The advanced workflow feature with rework loops is not supported.
In Unica 12.1 release, Plan offers two versions of Workflow:

You can monitor and manage workflows from both views.