In Unica Plan, a budget coordinates expenses of plans, programs, and projects. After you establish the plan budget, you can fund linked programs, and ultimately projects, from it. Unica Plan tracks budgets of child programs and projects in the form of allocations, forecasted or committed spending, and actual expenses.

Unica Plan tracks budgets of child programs and projects, although these objects can have different owners. For example, a program that is linked to a plan can have a different owner than the plan itself. As such, the person who allocates a budget from a plan down to a program can be different from the person forecasting expenses from a program up to a plan. A plan owner, such as a marketing manager, can track expected expenses from child programs, projects, and the plan budget itself, to remain responsive to budgetary needs.

Note: Budgets are available only when the Unica Plan financial module is enabled.

Fiscal year

You can view the total budget for all years, or see a detailed view for a particular year that is broken down into weeks, months, or quarters.

Unica Plan keeps budget information for the current fiscal year, the next two fiscal years, and any past fiscal years that date back to when you first installed Unica Plan.

On the plan level, to view or edit a different fiscal year, change the Fiscal Year field value on the Plan Summary tab. Linked programs and projects take the financial year from the parent plan; stand-alone programs and projects use the system's current fiscal year.


With Unica Plan, you can break fiscal years into weeks, months, or quarters. When you create a plan, program, or project, choose the wanted increment from the Budget Granularity list on the Summary tab.

Users cannot edit budget granularity. Plans, programs, and projects with different budget granularities are not allowed to be linked together.

For example, if a plan's fiscal year is broken into months, you can only link it to programs and projects that also use months as the budget granularity. In this scenario, programs and projects with weeks or quarters as their granularity are unavailable for linking.