Historically, organizations produced paper-based calendars and updated them with the latest information. The calendar feature provides marketing groups with electronic means to view and update calendar data.

Field marketers and corporate marketers can use the Unica Plan calendar to view the time horizon for marketing campaigns.

Marketing organizations typically organize their work with calendars. For example, seasonal events drive marketing programs, and other external dates, such as store openings, and seasonal product announcements.

You can use the calendar as an aid for planning marketing campaigns.

  • You can view and update the timelines for Lists.
  • You can get an up-to-date view of planned or run marketing efforts over time.

You can customize the appearance of the calendar in the following ways.

  • You can set a default view of the calendar: Click Settings > Unica Plan Settings > Calendar/Timeline Settings.
  • You can choose the look of the calendar in the Set View Options dialog box.
  • You can filter the items that are displayed on the calendar with Advanced Search.