Assets and asset libraries

Unica Plan provides centralized management, secure storage, and web-based access for digital assets.

In Unica Plan, you store your assets in libraries.

  • An asset library is the highest level organizational structure in the digital asset repository.
  • You can access libraries and add assets to the libraries if your Unica Plan administrator grants you permission in the security policy that is assigned to the asset).
  • You can organize assets by using folders.
  • You can view all the assets that you own.
  • If you do not own an asset, you can view it when it has a status of finalized.
  • You must have administrative access to Unica Plan to create a library.

You can view assets in a library in either a list view or thumbnail view. By default, Unica Plan displays assets in a list view when you select an asset library.

Table 1. Views for assets
View Description
Asset List Displays all the assets in the current library, listed alphabetically in ascending order. Change the order by clicking on the Name column.

To sort by any of the other columns, click that column. Click the column a second time to change the order of the column from ascending to descending.

Asset Thumbnails Displays a thumbnail image for each asset in the library. You can upload a thumbnail image for an asset when you add the asset to a library.