By default, Unica Plan provides a set of predefined reports and dashboard components. The Unica Plan reports package provides additional example reports and dashboard report components that are created in IBM® Cognos®, a separate business intelligence application.

You access reports from Unica Plan in the following ways:

  • Click the Analysis tabs of individual items like projects and marketing objects to see reports that apply to the current item.
  • Select the Analytics > analytics to see example Cognos® reports that present data from more than one object.

The reports administrator can modify the reports, create new reports, add custom attributes, and set up criteria filters.

Report appearance and output

Each Cognos® report has a header, a body section, a page footer, and navigational controls. When you run a report, it appears in your browser window in HTML format. For many of the reports, you can select a different format (for example, PDF or XML) to view.

Because the following reports have multiple queries, you cannot export them as CSV or XML files.

  • Analytics page report: Project Crosstab Summary Report
  • Analysis tab reports: Project Detailed Expense Breakout, Project Approval and Response, and Budget Summary reports (for plans, programs, and projects)

For more information about report output appearance and formats, see the Cognos® documentation.

Sending reports in email

Click the Email icon (Envelope image) to open a form where you enter email addresses for recipients of the report. After you complete the form and click OK, the report is sent in the format that is chosen for display.

For example, if you choose PDF and email, the report is sent as a PDF attachment to the message.

Enter the following information in the email dialog:

  • Email addresses: Type the address for each recipient, separated by semicolons.
  • Subject: Type subject for the message. Defaults to the name of the report.
  • Body: Type the message.
  • Attachments: Ensure that Include the report is selected.
Note: Do not select Include a link to the report. This option is not currently supported.