Standard attributes

A set of standard attributes is defined for all marketing objects.

The standard attributes follow.

Table 1. Standard marketing object attributes
Attribute Description
Name The display name for the marketing object.
Description The text description entered for the marketing object, either when it was created or edited.
TemplateName The ID for the marketing object template that this marketing object was created from. You set this ID when you create a marketing object template.
Code The object code for the marketing object.
SecurityPolicy The ID for the security policy associated with this marketing object. This ID is a foreign key into the uap_security_policy table, where you can find the name of the associated security policy.
Status Active or Deleted. All marketing objects have a status of Active until they are deleted.
State The current state for the marketing objects. Each marketing object type has its own set of states and state transitions.
CreatedBy The user ID for the user who created the marketing object. User IDs are listed in the uap_user table.
CreatedDate The creation date of the marketing object.
LastModUser The user ID for the user who last modified the marketing object.
LastModDate The date of the last modification made to the marketing object.
ComponentID The internal name for the marketing object type that this marketing object is based on.

In systems that integrate Unica Plan with Unica Campaign, additional standard offer attributes are available. See the Unica Plan and Unica Campaign Integration Guide.