Contactless Hotel

Provide a contactless, personalized experience for your customers. Welcome them each step of the way, from reservation to checkout by providing destination details, allowing them to set personal preferences, and recommending personalized upgrades to help them maximize their experience, all while monitoring your business goals. This accelerator can be tailored for any reservation-based or ticket-based events: room, car, vacation, events, concerts, conferences, and more.

Milestones: Reservation, Check-in, Arrival, Onsite, Checkout

Goals: Number of reservations, Number of stays

Channels: Email, SMS, Direct mail, Mobile push

Timeframe: Always on


These Journeys can be downloaded and imported in any 12.1.1 environment with following steps.

How to Download

Login into FNO and Journey Windows package zip will be available for download. In the downloaded Journey package, user can get the templates.