Loading territory data into the Collaborate database

About this task

All files that are referenced in this task are in the Platform-home\Collaborate\tools\admin\loadTerritories directory.


  1. Create the xml file that contains the territory definitions and user assignments.
  2. Specify the database properties in the loadTerritories.properties file.
  3. Edit the loadTerritories.bat (on Windows) or loadTerritories.sh (on UNIX) file:
    1. Set the value of the DB_JAR_CLASSPATH parameter to the full path to the JDBC driver libraries.
    2. Change the Java class path value in the GOOD_TO_TO section to specify the full path for the JDK installation.
      For example, change:
      java -cp .;loadTerritories.jar;%DB_JAR_CLASSPATH%;log4j.jar;
      com.unicacorp.uap.subscription.loadTerritories.LoadTerritories %*
      c:\bea\java\jdk\java -cp .;loadTerritories.jar; 
      com.unicacorp.uap.subscription.loadTerritories.LoadTerritories %*
  4. Run the load file for your system by using the following syntax:
    loadTerritories [path]file

    If the territory definitions file is not in the Platform-home\Collaborate\tools\admin\loadTerritories directory, provide the full path, which is enclosed in quotation marks.

    For example:



When the script completes, a message indicates whether the import ended with or without errors. Errors are recorded in the file loadterritories.log. If any errors are reported, correct the errors and run the script again.