Templates are definitions of a List, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign that corporate and field marketers use to create new objects.

As an administrator, you create templates and specify various parts of the object. For example, among the many settings you determine for a Corporate Campaign template are:

  • The associated flowchart in Campaign
  • Team members
  • Workflow
  • Custom tabs

All Lists, On-demand Campaigns, and Corporate Campaigns are based on a template you create, and the object inherits all settings from the template. Corporate or field marketers can change the object's settings as needed.

Why use templates?

Templates are the required building blocks for Lists, On-demand Campaigns, and Corporate Campaigns. Users cannot create these objects without templates.

By using templates, you help users save time because they do not have to configure objects from the beginning; they need to only change settings that are specific to the List or campaign.

For example, if your organization is running multiple Corporate Campaigns that have the same team members and workflow, you can create a template with the right settings for the team and workflow. Corporate marketers then create the Corporate Campaigns that are based on this template, and do not have to configure the team members or workflow.