Building and managing templates

To create and manage templates and template components, you use the Template Configuration page. Select Settings > Collaborate Settings. Then, click Template Configuration.

The items and functions on the Template Configuration page are organized into two sections, Template Configuration and Templates Components. There is also an option to validate all templates.

Template Configuration section

The template configuration section of the Template Configuration page contains the Templates link. This link opens a page that lists all the existing templates and template folders that are organized by marketing object type. You use the links on that page to create, delete, and organize templates, and to edit or export individual templates.

Validating templates

To run a utility that validates templates and forms and shows any validation errors, click Validate Templates in the template configuration section.

Templates Components section

The templates components section of the page contains the following links.

Table 1. Links in the Templates Components section

Links in the Templates Components section

Link Description

Opens the Form Definitions page, which lists the form definitions and provides options for working with forms. The following information shows for each form definition:

  • Name of the form definition

    Name of the form

  • List of templates that use the form

Click Create Form (Page with plus sign image) to add a form.

Use the links and icons on the Form Definitions page to create, import, enable, disable, delete, export, copy, publish, and manage forms.


Opens a list of separately saved workflow templates and shows the following information.

  • Name
  • The number of stages and tasks in the workflow template
  • When it was first created and last modified
  • Whether it is enabled

You create workflow templates by saving the work that is done on the Workflow tab of a projectList, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign template or instance. You can use the links on this list page to delete, enable/disable, import, or export a workflow template.

Data Mapping

Opens a list of data maps and shows the following information.

  • Data mapping file names
  • Type: Campaign Data Mapping

    Type: Campaign Metrics Import (if you have data maps from previous versions, you might see other values)

  • List of templates that use the mapping.
  • Click Add (Page with plus sign image) to add a data mapping file.

    You can use the links on the Data Mapping page to add and delete data mapping files.

For more information, see Data Mapping Definitions.


Opens a list of icons and shows the following information.

  • Icon images; large and small
  • Icon name
  • List of templates that use the icon
  • Delete link for deleting the icon (does not delete the file from its location on disk)

Click Add (Page with plus sign image) to add an icon.

Click Add Icon to add an icon.

For more information, see Icons page.

You can also transfer templates from one computer system to another using the export and import features.