Administrative Settings page

When you select Settings > Collaborate Settings, the Administrative Settings page appears.

User Personalization section

Table 1. Administrative settings: User Personalization section
Section Description
User Personalization Contains links for users to customize Collaborate to view and receive information that is important to them. See the Collaborate User's Guide for details.

System Administration Settings section

Table 2. System Administration Settings section: Restricted Options
Link Description
Security Policy Settings Contains links to all security policies defined in your system. See Creating a security policy for details.
User Permissions Lists all users authorized to use Collaborate, organized by the groups to which they are assigned. See Assigning security policy roles for details.
Synchronize Users

Synchronizes the users in Collaborate with the users in the Platform. See Synchronizing users for details.

When you synchronize users in a clustered environment, any changes propagate to the other servers when they next synchronize with Platform.

Synchronize Menus Synchronize the menus in the Platform with the menus defined in Collaborate.
Flowchart Runs Monitoring The Flowchart Runs Monitoring page displays any errors in flowchart runs for your system and helps you troubleshoot the problems.
Table 3. System Administration Settings section: Accessible Options
Link Description
Default Alert Subscriptions Opens a page for setting up and editing default alert subscriptions for Collaborate objects. See Set default alert subscriptions for details.
Table 4. System Administration Settings section: Other Options
Link Description
List Definitions Contains links to the available lists where an administrator can populate or define list values. See Customizable lists for details.
Template Configuration

Contains links to features for working with templates and template components. See Building and managing templates for details.

Note: In a clustered environment, you must shut down all but one server before you initiate any template configuration tasks.
Non-working Business Days Opens a page for updating the set of system-wide non-work dates. See System-wide non-work dates for details.
Published Searches Opens a page for publishing searches saved by Collaborate users. See Publishing advanced searches for details.
Upgrade Opens a page where you can select Collaborate components to upgrade. See the Installation Guide for details.
Data Migration Offers options to export and import metadata. See Exporting and importing metadata.