List display configuration files

Collaborate controls the display of lists through three XML files:

  • listmanager_tables.xml
  • listmanager_list.xml
  • listmanager_searchScreens.xml

These files are in conf directory under your Collaborate installation.

At installation, these XML files are populated with examples that work with the sample data provided.

Note the following:
  • To add special characters to the listmanager XML files, use Unicode encoding. For example, é should be encoded as U+00E9.
  • To use certain characters in the configuration files, you must use XML entities. For example, using < as a value will break the configuration file, as it is part of the XML syntax. You must use the entity for <, which is &lt;.
  • If you update the listmanager XML files (for example if you add new columns or a new list display), you must also update the corresponding properties files ( and ).