Set up data filters for the list display

Data filters are available across the Platform, enabling you to limit what data HCL Unica users can see.

For example, you can create a data filter based on region so your regional field marketers can see only the customers in their region. The data filters apply to all data viewed in Collaborate, including when you create lists, when field marketers review lists and search for other contacts, and when working with forms.

Components affected by data level filtering for the list display

Configuring these data filters requires coordination between three components of the Platform:

  • The data filters in the Platform as a whole
  • Lists and forms in Collaborate
  • Table mapping and flowcharts in Campaign

Example workflow for configuring data filters

The following example shows the steps involved were you to set up data level filtering for the list display bases on your customers' regions:

  1. Create a region_id column in the list tables in Collaborate.
  2. Create data filters in the Platform for each region, which is based on the region_id column of the list manager tables in your customer database.
  3. Map the region_id column in the list tables to the region_id column in your customer database by using Campaign.
  4. Create flowcharts in Campaign that populate the region_id column.
  5. Configure the list display and the form templates in Collaborate to filter on the region_id column.
Note: As shown in the previous example, data filtering requires planning and is an iterative process. You must coordinate your configuration across the Platform, Campaign, and Collaborate. You must ensure you use the same naming conventions across these components.