How Corporate Campaigns link to campaigns in Campaign

You create a Corporate Campaign in Collaborate. Then, through the Corporate Campaign user interface, you create a linked campaign in Campaign.

The values of the following attributes of the campaign that is created in Campaign match the values in the Corporate Campaign you created in Collaborate:
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign code
  • Target start and end dates
  • Any custom fields that are assigned in the data mapping between Collaborate and Campaign.

Matching campaign codes

Corporate marketers must ensure that the Corporate Campaign code matches that of the campaign in Campaign.

Corporate Campaign template designers can create the templates so that these two codes match automatically when:
  1. Corporate marketers create the Corporate Campaign before they create the linked campaign in Campaign.
  2. Corporate marketers use Collaborate to initially create the linked campaign in Campaign.
Note: In order for corporate marketers to create linked campaigns, the corporate template developer must map the data between Campaign and Collaborate.