Example flow for creating a Corporate Campaign target list

Corporate marketers generate a proposed target list that field marketers review and revise. Then, the corporate marketer generates the final target list.

In this example, the corporation is a financial institution. A corporate marketer is introducing a new financial product and expects marketing decision feedback from a team of field marketers.

The corporate marketer generates a proposed target list

After you design a marketing campaign for the new financial product, the corporate marketer selects customers from the corporate database who are appropriate recipients of this campaign.

The corporate marketer may use the optional Subscription task in the workflow to invite the appropriate field marketers to participate in the Corporate Campaign.

If the corporate marketer does not use the Subscription task, all field marketers who have access to any records in the original target list (as defined by Data Level Filters) are invited to participate in the Corporate Campaign through its Field Marketer Notify task. If there are no data level filters, all field marketers are automatically invited to participate in the Corporate Campaign, and they receive notifications to review of the target list.

Field marketers review the proposed target list

Field marketers subscribe to the Corporate Campaign. They then review their portions of the target list.

Field marketer target assignments are made through the corporate database. For this example, assume the following target assignments for two field marketers within the same corporation:
  • Field_Marketer_1 is responsible for target_FM11 and target_FM12.
  • Field_Marketer_2 is responsible for trget_FM21, target_FM22, and target_FM23.

Field marketers can view only those target customers that are assigned to them from a Corporate Campaign, as defined through data level filters.

In this example, the following occurs:
  • Field_Marketer_1 accepts both of their target customers on the proposed list.
  • Field_Marketer_2 declines all of their target customers on the proposed list because of business constraints.
  • Both field marketers finalize their customer selection for the Corporate Campaign.
  • Final customer selections that are made by the field marketers are recorded in the database that is used by Campaign.

The corporate marketer generates the final target list

After the field marketers review the proposed customers and make their final decisions, the corporate marketer generates a final target list that incorporates field marketer feedback. When they are satisfied that the list review is complete, they can click Verify and Lock, and mark the Review List task as complete in the workflow, to enable the Fulfillment tasks to begin.