Corporate Campaign workflow

The workflow for a Corporate Campaign includes designing the campaign, creating a proposed target list, and incorporating field marketer feedback.

Corporate and field marketers typically work on Corporate Campaigns as follows:

  1. Corporate marketers design the corporate marketing campaign.
  2. Corporate marketers create a Corporate Campaign in Collaborate.
  3. Using the optional Subscription workflow task, corporate marketers invite appropriate field marketers to subscribe to the Corporate Campaign.
  4. Field marketers subscribe to the Corporate Campaign.
  5. Corporate marketers create the proposed target list for the campaign.
  6. Corporate marketers notify field marketers of the availability of the List.
  7. Field marketers review the Corporate Campaign and provide feedback to corporate marketers on the target list.
  8. Corporate marketers can check field marketer review status.
  9. Corporate marketers incorporate field marketer feedback to generate the final target list.
  10. Field marketers optionally analyze campaign success.