Messaging configuration overview

Creating and configuring a Deliver message creates the framework for organizing and running a marketing campaign.

Configuring a message involves multiple activities and frequently involves multiple individuals. The various elements of a message are related to each other. It is especially important for everyone who is involved in configuring the message to understand the work flow and to communicate with others who might change the message configuration.

The table presents the typical mailing configuration work flow and additional information for each activity.
Table 1. Message configuration workflow
Activity More information

Create the message in a campaign.

Add the message from the campaign summary tab.

Creating a message in a campaign

Reference a recipient list.

Select one recipient list from the group of lists that are created within the same campaign.

Referencing a recipient list to a message

Reference a communication of required channel.

Select from the list of communications that are available in the Content Library.

Referencing a communication to a mailing

Specify email content format.

You can select HTML, text-only, or both.
Note: It is not applicable for SMS, Push, and WhatsApp communication.
Content types to send in a message
Specify delivery parameters.
Note: It is not applicable for SMS, Push, and WhatsApp communication.

Specify how the system must transmit and track email or SMS messages.

Contents of the Edit Mailing tab

Specify constants.

(Optional) Specify a value if the email communication contains constant personalization fields.

Constant personalization fields in the mailing configuration