How to send personalized messages

To send personalized message to each member of your target audience, you conduct a Deliver messaging. Deliver provides several different ways to perform a messaging run .

You can send a messaging multiple times as individual messaging runs. Each messaging run is considered a separate messaging instance. When you start a messaging run. Unica manages transmission of the messages through the hosted messaging infrastructure that Unica maintains for you. From within your local Unica Campaign environment, you can configure, run, and monitor multiple mailings within a single campaign.

On the Mailing tab in Campaign, you can update the mailing configuration, specify delivery parameters, and select the transmission method to meet your digital marketing requirements. When you start a mailing run, the mailing tab provides information to monitor the progress or status of the mailing transmission.

Before you start any type of mailing run, you must complete various mailing preparations, depending on how and when you want to run the mailing.

After you have finished configuring and testing a mailing, you can select from several different methods to transmit the message to the target recipients. Each method requires specific steps and preparations. The table lists the ways that you can use Deliver to send personalized message to your target audience.

Method More information
Send message now as a standard mailing. Sending a standard mailing
Send message later as a scheduled mailing. Options for scheduling a messaging
Send individual email messages as transactional email. Sending transactional messages
Send email to the winner of an A/B test.A/B test mailings