Quick Builder

Quick Builder is the user interface for creating smart email communications with and without landing pages, wherein you can design the email messages as per your requirements using the enhanced tools available. You can also use Deliver Advanced Message Editor to create email communications with and without landing pages. Quick Builder displays communications and landing pages that were created or modified only using Quick Builder.

You can also create SMS messages and push communications using Quick Builder. To get more details on the push notifications, see Personalized mobile app push notifications section. To get more details on the SMS messages, see the Personalized SMS messaging section.

The Quick Builder provides enhanced and smart features over existing Deliver Advanced Message Editor to create, edit, preview, and publish email communications with and without landing pages that determine the appearance and behavior of the email messages that you send. This user interface allows you to include images from any external content management system along from the Deliver system. You can include hyperlinks, social networking links, URLs, browser links with varied settings in your email message. Once you have designed your email communication, you can preview your email message using Client Preview, which enables you to preview your email renderings in different versions or platforms of mobile or tablet, desktop, and webmails. To get more details on personalized email messaging, see the Personalized email messaging section.

To access the Quick Builder user interface, navigate to Campaign > Quick Builder.

The Editor interface includes the Communications tab and the Content tab.
Note: To access Message editor or Quick Builder in Safari browser, apply the following settings in Safari browser.
  • Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab.
  • Deselect first cross site checkbox.
  • Relaunch Safari.