Installing Open Insights

Unica Open Insights installs as a part of the Unica installer. The Unica installer copies the Deliver model files and folders within the \Campaign Home\Reports folder. For example, \Reports\Open Insights\Looker\Deliver\unica_deliver_project.

Before you begin

Configure your Git repository to maintain Google Looker Unica Projects. For more information, see


  1. Confirm that your system and setup meets the required hardware and software requirements. For more information, see Recommended Hardware and Software Requirements.
    Note: Unica did not do a performance testing in release 12.1.1. For information related to sizing, see
  2. Complete the following procedures to install Google Looker:
    1. Preinstallation Configurations.
    2. Google Looker Installation.
  3. Complete the following procedures to configure Google Looker:
    1. Configurations before accessing Google Looker.
    2. Validate and Publish the Google Looker Model.
    3. Creating Data Source for Google Looker.
  4. If required, perform the following procedure:
    1. Updating a Model.