Proposed Contacts Table

The proposed contacts table (PCT) is the list of contacts, associated offers, channels, contact dates, and scores to which Contact Optimization applies optimization rules and constraints. After Contact Optimization sorts through the PCT by using the rules and constraints you create, it produces the list of optimized contacts.

The PCT is created when you create a Contact Optimization session. Campaign populates the PCT with proposed contacts and associated offers. Specifically, you link Campaign with Contact Optimization by including an Optimize process in a Campaign flowchart. When you configure the Optimize process, you select a Contact Optimization session to associate with that flowchart. When you run the flowchart, Campaign writes to the PCT associated with the selected Contact Optimization session.

A PCT can contain proposed contacts from more than one flowchart or campaign.

The columns of the PCT are made up of the following elements:

  • The audience level that you select in a Contact Optimization session.

    Audience levels are defined in Campaign.

  • The fields that are defined in the UACO_PCTBASE table
  • If you select a Contact Optimization template table in your Contact Optimization session, the columns you define in the Contact Optimization template table.