Manually enter scores using the score matrix

If you do not have predictive models to generate scores, you can rank offers relative to each strategic segment by manually entering scores in the score matrix.

The score matrix allows you to manage centrally scores within a Contact Optimization session.

You can enter scores for certain offers with certain strategic segments, or you can enter scores for all offers with all strategic segments. If you configure Contact Optimization to uses score from the score matrix, any scores from the score field or PCT are ignored.

The score that you enter can be any numeric value, and can represent any metric of interest to your organization: revenue, profit, net profit, probability of response, potential value, expected value, customer loyalty, or brand loyalty. The higher the score you assign to a contact, the more desirable you are making that contact. Contact Optimization maximizes the sum of scores in the OCT. The size of the score is limited by the float type of your database.

Offers and strategic segments are created and managed in Campaign. For more information, see the HCL® Campaign User's Guide.

You can specify which offers and strategic segments are available on the score matrix in your Contact Optimization session.