Contact Optimization template table

A database table that you create to include user-defined columns in the PCT for reference by one or more optimization rules.

When you create a session in Contact Optimization, you can select one of the Contact Optimization template tables that you created. You must create the Contact Optimization template table in the same database where the system tables are located.

During the optimization process, the columns that you created in this table are automatically appended to the base PCT fields contained in the UACO_PCTBASE table. The defined data types and sizes of these columns are also included. These fields can then be populated by Campaign flowcharts and later used in rules by Contact Optimization.

These fields are not appended to the OCT. However, the OCT references the PCT; therefore, you can also extract any data from additional fields in your post-optimization flowchart.

Examples of the information (columns) you might add to the template table include vendor name, age, or account type. This information is likely specific to the nature of your business. Based on this example, you can then write an Include rule that specifies that only AccountTypes = "Good Standing" are eligible to receive "credit offers."