Campaign | FlowchartEvents

If you are configuring Unica Director with Unica Campaign, use this category and set "enableEvents" to "Yes". If this property is set to NO, Unica Campaign will not publish any flowchart execution details to Unica Director. These properties must be set only once per instance of Unica Campaign; they do not need to be set for every partition of Unica Campaign.

To access these properties, choose Settings > Configuration > Unica Campaign > FlowchartEvents.



Configuration category:


The enableEvents property specifies whether Unica Campaign should send flowchart events to ActieMQ, all the Flowchart execution details are sent to Unica Director using Active MQ (version apache-activemq-5.15.7). which in turn are utilized by Unica Director and are used for Monitoring feature available in it, to display the status of flowcharts.

Default value
Valid value
NO | Yes