Campaign | FlowchartEvents |ActiveMQ

Unica Campaign application publishes the flowchart information to Unica Director using Message Queue. Data is pushed from Unica Campaign to Message Queue and consumed in Unica Director. Unica Director stores the flowchart information data. Message Queue should be up and running all the time to publish the data to Unica Director. In case Message Queue is not up then flowchart execution data will not be available with Unica Director.



Specify the activeMQ listener url , for eg : tcp://localhost:61616

Platform User with Data Sources for ActiveMQ Credentials

Provide the Unica Platform user name that holds the DataSource containing ActiveMQ credentials. , for example: asm_admin

Data Source For ActiveMQ message broker credentials

Specify the name of the dataSource that holds the credentials. Default value is - ACTIVEMQ_CRED_DS


This mentions the queue name used to publish the flowchart information from Unica Campaign. Please do not modify this , Default value is "flowchartInfo-campaign"