Campaign | ProductReindex

The creator of an offer can specify the products that are associated with that offer. When the list of products available for association with offers changes, the offer/product associations must be updated. Properties in the Unica Campaign > ProductReindex category specify the frequency of these updates and the time of day that the first update runs.



The startTime property specifies the time of day when offer/product associations are updated for the first time. The first update occurs on the day after the Unica Campaign server is started, and subsequent updates occur at intervals specified in the interval parameter. The format is HH:mm:ss, using a 24-hour clock.

Note that when Unica Campaign first starts up, the startTimeproperty is used according to the following rules:

  • If the time of day specified by startTime is in the future, the first offer/product associations update will occur at startTime of the current day.

  • If startTime is in the past for the current day, the first update will occur at startTime tomorrow, or at interval minutes from the current time, whichever is earlier.

Default value

12:00:00 (noon)



The interval property specifies the time, in minutes, between updates of offer/product associations. The update occurs for the first time at the time specified in the startTime parameter, on the day after the Unica Campaign server is started.

Default value

3600 (60 hours)