Areas not affected by user locale preferences

The user locale preference does not control all areas of display in Unica Campaign. The following areas are not affected by user locale preferences:

  • Parts of the Unica Campaign interface that do not have a user context (for example, the log in page that appears prior to any user logging in). These parts of the interface are displayed in the default language.
  • Any user-defined items within the user interface, if they are read from a user database (for example, custom or external attributes) are displayed only in their original database language.
  • Data input -- regardless of the locale setting, if your system tables are correctly set up with Unicode encoding, you can input data to Unica Campaign in any language.
  • Unica Campaign command line tools -- these display in the default language. You can override the Unica Campaign default language with the language specified in your system's LANG environment variable. If you change the LANG environment variable, the following Unica Campaign programs require a new invocation for the change to take effect:
    • install_license
    • svrstop
    • unica_acclean.exe
    • unica_acgenrpt.exe
    • unica_aclsnr
    • unica_acsesutil
    • unica_actrg
    • unica_svradm
Note: In Windows, the language and regional settings must match. Regional settings affect all non-Unicode programs in Windows, and must be explicitly set.