Configuring Unica Campaign for a non-ASCII language or a non-US locale

Several steps need to be performed in a specific order to correctly configure Unica Campaign.

Before you begin

Before you begin, read all topics in About using non-ASCII data or non-US locales.

About this task

To configure Unica Campaign for localized data or non-ASCII locales, complete the tasks in the following list. Each step is described in detail later in this section.
Important: Do not skip any of the steps. Skipping a step could result in incorrect or incomplete configuration, causing errors or corrupted data.


  1. Set the operating system language and regional settings.
  2. Set encoding parameters for the web application server (WebSphere only).
  3. Set Unica Campaign language and locale property values.
  4. Un-map and re-map system tables.
  5. Test your database and server configurations.