Limitations of the multi-locale feature

The multi-locale feature has the several limitations, as described in this section.

  • It is not supported for Japanese operating systems. To install Unica Campaign with a single locale on a Japanese OS, contact Technical Support.
    Note: The multi-locale feature installed on non-Japanese operating system environments does correctly support ja as a user locale preference.
  • It is not supported by all applications. See the documentation for each application for information about multi-locale support.
  • In multi-locale installations of Unica Campaign, when file names are in mixed languages, or when the command shell language (encoding) does not match the file name encoding, file names might appear garbled in command-line displays.
  • Multi-locale installations of Unica Campaign on Windows platforms is supported only on NTFS drives, as FAT32 does not support Unicode character sets.
  • Cell Profile Reports are not localized and remain in English regardless of locale.