Configuring the Schedule process to run with an inbound trigger

To use an inbound trigger to run a flowchart, that flowchart must start with a Schedule process that is configured as described here.

  • In the Schedule to run list, select Custom run.
  • Check Run on trigger(s).
  • In the Run on trigger(s) field, enter the names of triggers that when broadcast will run the flowchart. Separate multiple triggers with a comma and a space.

The Schedule process may also be configured to execute based on other conditions. Configuring the trigger condition will additionally execute the subsequent processes when the specified triggers are received.

Important: For a flowchart to run upon receipt of an inbound trigger, it must have a Schedule process configured as described above, and it must be running. Running the flowchart puts the flowchart into a "waiting," or "listening", state so that the flowchart is ready to execute when the trigger is received. A flowchart that is not running when the trigger is broadcast will not execute.

For more information about configuring the Schedule process, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.