Setting up the trigger utility on a remote Windows machine

You can configure a Windows machine to send triggers to a Unica Campaign installation on UNIX or Windows. For Windows installation, ensure that the listener port is open for incoming traffic on the Campaign listener machine. Follow these steps to set up the unica_actrg utility and required files on a remote Windows machine.


  1. Obtain the required files:
    • If you have existing Linux environment. You will need to perform a dummy windows installation to get the required ddl's from Campaign/bin directory.
    • On remote windows machine - copy content of bin directory from actual installation.
    <CAMPAIGN_HOME>\conf config.xml

    To obtain the files, you can copy them from another Unica Campaign installation on Windows or run the Unica Campaign installer. If you obtain the files by running the installer and you want to remove the unnecessary files, copy the files required for the trigger utility to another location, then uninstall Unica Campaign. For more information, see UnicaCampaign Installation Guide.

  2. Open a command prompt on the remote Windows machine.
  3. If it is not already set, set the CAMPAIGN_HOME environment variable on the remote Windows machine. For example:

    set CAMPAIGN_HOME=C:\HCL\Unica\Campaign

What to do next

When you run unica_actrg remotely, specify the port and server name of the machine where the Unica Campaign listener is installed. If you have a clustered listener configuration, best practice is to specify the server and port of the master listener.