Viewing and configuring Unica Campaign listener and master listener logs

The listener allows clients such as the Unica Campaign web application to connect to back-end analytical server processes. Each listener records events in its own log file. Additionally, if you have a clustered configuration, there is a master listener log file.

About this task

For single-node configurations:

The listener log file is on the listener server machine, at <Campaign_Home>/logs/unica_aclsnr.log.

For clustered configurations:
  • Each listener generates its own log file on its own server machine, at <Campaign_Home>/logs/unica_aclsnr.log.
  • Additionally, cluster-related events related to load balancing, heartbeat, listener node selection, and failover are recorded in a master listener log file: <campaignSharedHome>/logs/masterlistener.log. The <campaignSharedHome> is a shared location that was specified at installation time. It is configurable at Campaign|campaignClustering|campaignSharedHome.
Task Action Notes®
To view a listener log file On the Unica Campaign server, choose Settings > Campaign Settings > View System Log.
Note: If there are multiple partitions, this option is not available for security reasons.

You can also go to any machine where a listener is installed and open <Campaign_Home>/logs/unica_aclsnr.log in a text editor.

The log opens in a new browser window. Events that occur after you open the log file are not listed.
To view the master listener log (clustered configuration only) On the master listener server, open <campaignSharedHome>/logs/ masterlistener.log with a text editor. If you are not sure which machine is the master listener, look at Campaign | unicaACListener | node [n] | masterListenerPriority.
To configure logging for each listener node
  1. Settings > Configuration.
  2. Go to Campaign | unicaACListener and adjust the settings that begin with "log".
Depending on how you configure logging, each listener may generate one log file or multiple sequentially-named log files, such as unica_aclsnr.log.1, unica_aclsnr.log.2, and so on.
To configure master listener logging (clustered configuration only)
  1. Settings > Configuration.
  2. Campaign | campaignClustering
To perform this task, you must have Administer Configuration page permission in Unica Platform.
To enable trace logging for diagnostic purposes
  1. Add the following entry to the or setenv.bat file: UNICA_ACTRACE=Trace
  2. Restart the listener.

Trace logging is useful when working with Support. When you enable trace logging, trace events are written to unica_aclsnr.log and also to the flowchart log file <flowchart>.log.

Trace events are identified by [T] in the log file.

Note: Trace logging can degrade performance so be sure to disable it (comment out the line and restart the listener) after you are done.