Flowchart logs

Each flowchart can write to its own log file whenever the flowchart is edited or run. Flowchart log files are useful for analyzing flowchart performance and database interactions.

The default file name for a flowchart log file is <CampaignName>_<CampaignCode>_<FlowchartName>.log.

The default location is partitions/partition_name/logs under <Campaign_home> (for a single listener node configuration) or <campaignSharedHome> (for a clustered configuration).

Temporary file listing in the flowchart log

The flowchart log file contains all the information about temporary files that are created or deleted by the flowchart processes during flowchart execution. For example, while downloading data, while calculating derived fields, during bulk insert and so on. You can use this information to identify the flowchart that is creating temporary files of a large size and modify the flowchart logic if required.

Prerequisite: The Campaign|unicaACListener|loggingLevels property must be set to High.
To enable temporary file listing in the flowchart log, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the flowchart in edit mode and click Log options > Logging options.
  2. In the Severity level section, select Debug.
  3. In the Events section, select File operations (open, read, write, etc.)