The Unica Campaign and Unica Deliver ETL log file

The ETL.log file records events generated by the ETL process that coordinates Unica Deliver offer integration with Unica Campaign. The default file location is Campaign_home/logs/ETL.log

The Unica Campaign ETL process extracts, transforms, and loads offer response data from the Unica Deliver tracking tables into the Unica Campaign contact and response history tables. The ETL log file records the success, failure, and other statuses of events related to envelopes, treatments, and responses.

To adjust ETL logging behavior, modify the logging properties in the campaign_log4j.xml file. This is the same properties file that is used to configure the Unica Campaign web application log file. The location of the properties file is specified by Settings > Configuration > Campaign > Logging. The default location is Campaign_home/conf.

When the ETL log file size grows beyond 10MB, the ETL log file is rotated in the same way as the Unica Campaign web application log file. A number is appended to each successive log file, such as ETL.log.1, ETL.log.2, and so on. To adjust this behavior, modify the log4j properties file.