What's new in Traveler 12.0.2?

The following enhancements are new in the Traveler 12.0.2.

Enhanced Traveler Container image

The HCL Traveler Docker image is built on top of the new 12.0.2 enhanced HCL Domino Container image. For more information, see the HCL Domino Docker documentation.

Because the Traveler Docker image is built on top of the Domino docker image, all the existing procedures for loading, configuring, managing and maintaining the Docker-based Domino server still apply. In addition, there are a few considerations for configuring and using Traveler. For more information, see the following topics:

Masking user and device details on the Traveler home page

Traveler provides a set of NTS_SERVLET_ALLOW_* notes.ini settings to control the content and actions displayed on the Traveler server home page when accessed with a browser.

With this release, there are two additional settings to control whether the user name details (NTS_SERVLET_ALLOW_USER_NAMES) and device name details (NTS_SERVLET_ALLOW_DEVICE_NAMES) are masked on the Traveler home page. For more information, see Notes.ini settings.

Customization of generated emails

When a Notes-encrypted mail is synced to a client that does not support working with Notes-encrypted mail, the Traveler server replaces the encrypted content with a generated message that indicates the mail is encrypted and cannot be viewed on the device. The same behavior is true for a mail marked to prevent copy.

Based on the app, a generated message includes guidance on how a user can work with the mail. For the iOS Mail client, this included instructions for using the HCL Companion for iOS application:

This document is encrypted and requires either the use of Notes, iNotes or the Verse Web client to view the content, or view this message on your device using Traveler Companion. If Traveler Companion is not yet installed, download and install it from the app store.

In prior releases, Traveler only provided the ability to customize the install link for the HCL Companion for iOS application.

Starting with Traveler Server 12.0.2, the generated replacement email has been reformatted and expanded to the following message:

This document is encrypted and cannot be viewed using this application. View the content on the device using one of the following option(s):

  • Traveler Companion. If Traveler Companion is not yet installed, download and install it from the app store.
  • Verse mobile application. If the Verse mobile application is not yet installed, download and install it from the app store.
  • Notes, Nomad or the Verse web client.

There are additional options for customizing the content of this replacement email. For more information, see Customizing the generated email for encrypted or private mail.

Improved APNS messages for Verse iOS

Apple allows the APNS messages to include three parts: Title, Subtitle, and Body. Previously, Traveler included all of the APNS content (controlled by the NTS_PUSH_ALERTS_* notes.ini settings) in the Body; because there was not a Title specified in the APNS message, the operating system inserted the application name (Verse) as the Title all the time.

In release 12.0.2, Traveler fills the three parts separately and the device displays the APNS messages accordingly (for example, bold text is used for the Title and Subtitle, regular text for the Body).

Viewing Rich Text descriptions in Calendar Events and Notices enabled by default

Users are now able to view rich text on their Verse iOS and Android devices for calendar event descriptions, including email notices. This means that any formatting (including color, style, font, hyperlinks, tables, etc.) used in calendar events will be viewable on the Verse iOS and Android mobile apps for the chair and invitees. For example, third party meeting links that were previously missing are now be clickable links in the description.

With this release, the server support for Calendar Rich Text is enabled by default. After the upgrade, formatting will be applied to new events and notices.

For more information on limitations, see the Calendar section of General limitations and restrictions and the associated sections for the HCL Verse Mobile limitations.
Note: For HCL Verse for iOS or Android mobile clients, a minimum of 12.0.10 is required for viewing rich text descriptions support.

Notes document link formatting

Administrators now have the option to show a Notes document link in a mail synchronized to a mobile client with only the Notes:// link and icon by setting NTS_OFFERNOTESURLINLINK =2. For more information on Notes document link handling, see Converting Notes document links to web links.

New defaults for server filter settings

With a new installation of the Traveler server, the defaults for the following default preference filter settings have changed:

  • Email Body Truncation defaults to Disabled
  • Email Attachments defaults to Enabled
  • Email Attachment Size defaults to 500KB

These changes will not take effect when upgrading an existing Traveler environment. If desired, the administrator can manually change the settings. For more information on the settings and their defaults, see Default device preference and security setting values.