Uninstalling HCL Traveler on Windows and Linux or AIX

To uninstall HCL Traveler from an HCL Domino® server on Windows or Linux or AIX, use the HCL Traveler uninstallation program.

Before you begin

Uninstalling HCL Traveler server does not mean the HCL Traveler client is uninstalled from devices. In the event that you are uninstalling a standalone server or the last member of an HA pool, users should remove the HCL Traveler configuration profile or HCL Verse Mobile clients from their devices. You must uninstall the HCL Traveler client to remove HCL Traveler data from the device.
Important: If this server is part of an HA pool, first configure your Proxy/IP Sprayer/Load Balancer to no longer route traffic to this server.
Note: By default, all HCL Traveler notes.ini settings are removed during uninstall. To keep the HCL Traveler notes.ini settings, set NTS_PRESERVE_PROPS=true in the server's notes.ini file.


  1. Stop the HCL Domino® server, using either the HCL Notes® administrator client or the HCL Domino® console by issuing the following command: quit
  2. Navigate to Domino program directory/_HCL_Traveler_installation/traveler.
  3. Launch TravelerUninstall.
    • For Linux and AIX, run the uninstall application as the root user.
    • If the installation was performed in silent mode, then the uninstallation is automatically silent. To manually run a silent uninstall, enter the following command from a command line: TravelerUninstall -i silent.
  4. If uninstalling from a partitioned Domino® server, select all the partitions from which to uninstall HCL Traveler. Only the partitions that have HCL Traveler are displayed.
  5. Some portions of the HCL HTTP Server configuration are not removed during the uninstall process. This includes any changes that were made to the Server document or Internet Site documents. If the server will continue to host web content, verify the following HTTP settings and actions:
    • Server home URL
    • Delete the HCL Traveler redirect rules:
      1. If using web configurations, select Web > Web Configurations.
      2. If using internet sites, select Web > Internet Sites.
    • Delete rules for:
      URL->URL for (Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync*->/traveler/Microsoft-Server-


      URL-> URL for (/servlet/traveler*->/traveler*
    • Add HTTP to the ServerTasks list in notes.ini.
  6. If this server will host a different instance of HCL Traveler, be sure to verify that the External URL setting on the HCL Traveler tab of the server document.