What's new in Verse on Android

The following features are new in Verse 12.0.x on Android:


Forward Calendar Events Support: HCL Verse Android now supports forwarding calendar events via email.
  • A “Forward” action now appears in the overflow menu when viewing calendar events. This allows users to generate a new email from the calendar event containing the calendar event details.
    Note: Only downloaded calendar attachments are included in the forwarded calendar events.


  • Personal Group Support: HCL Verse Android now supports synchronization of Personal Groups and the ability to create, edit, and delete personal groups on the device. For more information, see Enabling the synchronization of personal groups.
  • MaaS360 SDK Update: HCL Verse now includes the 7.50 version of the MaaS360 SDK.


  • Mail Hyperlink Verification: HCL Verse Android now supports long-pressing email and web links in email bodies to preview the URL that will be launched to verify the security of URLs prior to launching them.
  • SSL Host Verification Warning Dialog: A warning dialog displays to the user daily if they connect to a Traveler server (or proxy server) where the SSL certificate was not issued to that server. For more information, see this article.


  • Domino SAML Authentication: HCL Verse Android now supports federated-identity authentication using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). This allows mobile users to authenticate to a customer’s identity provider prior to accessing the HCL Traveler services. For more information, see Mobile client support for SAML authentication.
  • Domino TOTP Authentication: HCL Domino 12.0.0 supports requiring a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP), which is in addition to their user names and passwords for http authentication. For more information, see Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authentication. HCL Verse Android now supports the Traveler server endpoint configured for TOTP authentication.
  • Synchronization Error User Notification Improvements: Support has been added to notify the user about synchronization config errors, such as exceeding the mail server quota, via a dialog or notification, along with logging these messages to the user log file.

Details on new features provided in our previous releases can be found in the HCL Traveler 11.0.x documentation.