What's new in Verse 11.0.x on Android

The following features are new in Verse 11.0.0 on Android:

  • Dark Mode Support for Android 8 and above
    • Application setting can be found in HCL Verse Settings > Applications > Theme.
    • Reduces device screen power usage (depending on the device’s screen technology).
    • Improves visibility for users with limited vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.
    • Improves device usability in a low-light environment.
  • At A Glance and Today Widget Join Meeting Improvements
    • Web meetings are now prioritized over audio conference call data in both the At A Glance shelf inside the HCL Verse app as well as in the Today widget.
    • More web meeting types are now identified from calendar events and surfaced via the At A Glance shelf and Today widget.


  • Actions notifications improvements
    • Notifications for Needs Action and Waiting For Items are enhanced to support actions including Mark as Complete and Reply, and include the ability to action on WearOS devices such as Android smart watches.
  • SDK 29 Device admin updates
    • Details can be found in this article.


  • HTTP Removal warning dialog
    • An HTTP Removal warning dialog will be displayed to user's not leveraging HTTPS for their Traveler server connection on the first launch of the inbox each day - alerting the user of the upcoming removal of HTTP support.

      Details can be found in this article.


  • Calendar alarm notification improvements
    • Calendar alarm notifications are enhanced to show the calendar event subject as notification title and event time as notification subtitles (each alarm is mapped with its own notification).
  • Todo alarm notification improvements
    • Todo alarm notifications are enhanced to support the display of the Todo name as the notification title and include the due date and start date as the subtitle. The notification also includes an action button for “Mark as complete” if the Todo is not completed (each alarm is displayed as an individual notification).
  • Removal of support for Android 5.1
    • Due to the lack of on-going security updates from Google, HCL Verse Android is no longer supporting devices running Android 5.1.


  • Calendar Notice notification improvements
    • Calendar notice notifications are enhanced to include actions including Accept, Decline, Tentative for invitations as well as Delete and Mark as Read options for informational calendar notices. All of these actions can also be taken on WearOS devices such as Android smart watches.
  • Removal of support for the IBM Connections Cloud
    • As part of the shutdown of the IBM Connections Cloud, HCL Verse Android will no longer be providing the ability to be configured to connect to this service.


  • Swipe for Mark as Read/Mark as Unread
    • Quick swipe actions are now available in the Verse application for Mark as Read, allowing for rapid mail read state management in Inbox, Sent, Action, and custom folders for phone form factor devices.
  • Mail notification improvements
    • Mail notifications are enhanced to include an updated notification style with email subject, body, action buttons and grouping all the email notification in one group. The action buttons are Reply, Mark as Read and Delete. Mark as Read action will now cause an immediate synchronization to update the server. Mark as Read and Delete actions can also be taken on WearOS devices such as Android smart watches.


  • Certificate Selection improvements on Android 9/10
    • Improvements are included to provide a more complete list of available certificates on the Android device when leveraging Certificate Based Authentication on Android 9 and above devices.


  • Integration of the 6.99 version of IBM MaaS360
    • An updated version of IBM's MaaS360 MDM SDK was integrated to include support for transition to Android Jetpack APIs as required by Google.


  • Calendar Search
    • The ability to search all calendar events was added and is now available via all the calendar views (Agenda, Day, Week and Month view).


  • Improvements to type-ahead results
    • User interface is updated to include the type-ahead capabilities of HCL Verse to ensure that in all locales more results could be displayed to the user.


  • Warn user on attempt to send mail with blank subject
    • Support for warning the user via pop-up dialog in cases where the subject is blank to ensure that emails will not be accidentally sent without subject data.
  • Support for Calendar attachments: Support for viewing, exporting and sharing calendar attachments has now been added to Verse on Android. Beginning with release 11, HCL Traveler servers are synched to the Verse on Android app, and calendar event attachments are available for viewing, exporting to the device filesystem, or sharing with other Android apps.
  • Support for non-repeating Calendar events greater than 24 hours in duration: Verse on Android now supports creating and editing events for non-repeating meetings and appointments with a duration greater than 24 hours and less than 6 months.