What's new in Verse 11.0.x for iOS

The following features are new in Verse 11.0.0 for iOS:


  • Updated MobileIron SDK (v
  • Dark Mode Support
    • HCL Verse iOS is able to switch to a Light or Dark theme appearance depending on the device display settings.
    • If email content does not display well on Dark mode, there is a new button in the Mail view which allows the end user to toggle the display of email from Dark to Light (and vice-versa) when the app is on Dark mode.


  • Updated MaaS360 SDK (v 3.30.960)
  • Updates to Mail Reply Flow

    Replying to an email with attachments is no longer included in the prompt for including original attachments. The "Add Original Attachments" option can be used from the Mail Options to add the original email attachments to the reply email. Inline editing of the original email history is now disabled by default.

  • Added a new Mail Option

    "Respond Inline" is a new feature in Mail Options, which enables inline editing of the original email history on a reply or forward.


Maintenance and bug fixes.


Maintenance and bug fixes.



  • Updated MobileIron SDK
  • Updated the account setup process.


  • Calendar month view now available for iPhone.
  • Support for iPadOS Multitasking. For more information, see this article.


  • Updated MobileIron SDK to 4.5.3.
  • Added ability to mark calendar events as private.
  • Added ability to display conflicting events on incoming calendar invitations.
  • Added new app setting to enable/disable custom keyboards.


  • Improved user experience.


  • Improved user experience.


  • Support for Calendar attachments
    • Support for viewing, exporting and sharing calendar attachments has now been added to Verse for iOS. Beginning with release 11, HCL Traveler servers are synched to the Verse app, and calendar event attachments are available for viewing, exporting to the device filesystem, or sharing with other apps.
  • Support for non-repeating Calendar events greater than 24 hours in duration
    • Verse for iOS now supports creating and editing events for non-repeating meetings and appointments with a duration greater than 24 hours and less than 6 months.
  • HCL branding