Installing the server on Windows operating systems

Begin here to install the server on Windows.

About this task

The HCL Traveler server install package is found on the HCL Software Portal.


  1. Ensure that you first stop the Domino® server before installing HCL Traveler.
  2. Run the downloaded file, usually TravelerSetup.exe.
    Note: Using the is not supported for Traveler GUI installs.
  3. Review and accept the license agreement.
  4. Specify the directories in which the Domino® program files and data files are located. If the Notes®.ini file is not present in the Domino® Program files directory, you might also be prompted to enter it.
    Note: When installing on a partitioned Domino® server, you can install HCL Traveler on one or more of the Domino® partitions. The installation window pre fills with all partitions detected by the installer. Add or remove partitions from the window as needed. The same installation options are used for all partitions indicated. In addition, you can add or remove partitions at a later time by either running the installer again or running the uninstaller.
  5. Select Set User Home Page as default website for this server.

    The user home page is a useful starting place for users. It provides status information, links to client software, and user management options. If the user home page is set as the default website for this server, it can be viewed by pointing any browser to http://hostname. If the user home page is not set as the default, it can be viewed by pointing the browser to http://hostname/servlet/traveler. This setting takes effect the first time HCL Traveler is started and can be manually changed at a later time. See the NTS_WEBSITE_HOME parameter in Notes.ini settings for more information. Select Next.

  6. Configure the Client Connection URL by indicating whether clients connect directly to the HCL Traveler server or connect through a proxy. If the URL is not currently known, select Configure later. Select Next.
  7. Specify the external server URL in the field, and select Next. The URL is validated. Note any warning dialogs and continue.
  8. Review your selections. If any changes are needed select Previous to update the selections, otherwise select Install to continue.
  9. Select Finish when the installation is completed. If any errors or warnings are reported, review the installation log and contact HCL® Support to resolve any problems.