Setup for common configuration (optional)

In a HCL Traveler pool, it is critical that each server is configured identically.

It is important to validate that the following fields on the HCL Traveler tab of the Domino® server document are identical for all servers in the HCL Traveler pool:
  • External URL
  • Access server
  • Not access server
  • All settings listed in the Auto Sync Settings section
If you are using notes.ini settings to alter the default behavior of HCL Traveler, this means making the same change on every server in the pool. However, it is possible to set up the pool so that all notes.ini settings are shared. To create common notes.ini settings, following this procedure:
  1. Create a server group that contains your HCL Traveler servers. In the following example, a public group called "TravelerServers" was created in the Domino® directory, and there are two HCL Traveler servers in the domain.
  2. Create a configuration document and assign it to this group. Go to the Configuration tab, then expand the Server option and select the Configuration view. Click Add Configuration.
  3. On the Notes®.INI tab of this document, click Set/Modify parameters. Enter the name of the INI variable and its value, then click ADD/UPDATE. Click OK when all updates are done.
  4. You now have a configuration document with notes.ini override settings.
  5. Once these changes replicate (you may need to wait a few minutes, depending on your replication schedule), check the notes.ini on your HCL Traveler server. You should see the new setting: