Schema migration requirements

There are some ground rules you should consider during migration.

HCL Traveler automatically migrates the schema to the latest level during every upgrade, unless you disable this option using a configuration parameter. For more information, refer to Understanding the HCL Traveler schema.

In general, for DB2, MySQL, and SQL server databases, there are no additional settings or configuration required. However, there are some ground rules to consider during migration:
  • All permissions that are initially granted to the DB user during the initial High Availability (HA) setup will still be required.
  • During migration, do not change the DB user name that was initially configured with HCL Traveler.

If you are using DDL, the migration scripts for that particular release need to be applied before starting HCL Traveler. In addition, the automatic schema migration option needs to be disabled using the NTS_AUTO_DBSCHEMA=false configuration parameter from notes.ini. Refer to Frequently asked questions about the enterprise database for information on what migration scripts to apply for this release.